About Us

The Tour da Goose (TDG) bike ride was founded in 2013 by Rita Brafford and Jon Fisch, a couple who enjoyed bike riding together and lived in the community of Watertown. Rita joined the Watertown Area Cares Clinic (WACC) , a healthcare clinic for people who are unable to afford health care services. They wanted to be able to raise money for the clinic and provide an outdoor athletic event for families and bicycling athletes.

Unfortunately, Jon Fisch died of cancer within the first year of the development of the bike ride. Jon came up with the name Tour da Goose to show homage to Watertown’s mascot, the goose. He encouraged everyone to keep going with the development of the ride.

Today, Rita continues to happily be the ride director and the WACC has joined with other free health care clinics in the Fort Atkinson and Whitewater communities to provide services to the people in need in our communities The Rock River Community Clinics (RRCC) will receive 100% of your registration fee and will be of significant support for the services they provide.





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